I make a last for each customer from their measurements.


I choose only the best quality leather from countries such as, France, Germany, Italy and England.


I use leather for the insole, welt, shank, sole and Heel. All of the parts of the shoe are durable and allow the foot to breathe, so your shoes will be as comfortable as possible.


At our initial meeting I will ask you about your Lifestyle and your fashion taste. After that we can discuss the upper design, toe shape, heel height and aesthetics of the shoes that you want.

Order system

1.Booking(Monday to Thursday)

Orders are on a subscription basis. Please contact me by Tel or E-mail.
Once I receive your contact, I will send you confirmation.


At the first meeting I will take your foot measurements. After which, we will discuss the design of your shoe and the materials. It is better to choose a lace shoe for your first pair as it is better for making a good fit and last initially.

Once the order is decided, I will make a bill of which half the total is require as a deposit prior to starting on your shoes. You can use your credit card to pay I accept: Visa, Amex, JCB, and Master card.

3.Trial shoes

I will make a pair of trial shoes for the purpose of fitting and design, which you should try for, fit and comfort and design. If there are no problems, I will start to make your actual order.

4.Completion of initial order

Once you have tried the completed shoes, if there are still no further problems then the order will be completed with the payment of the balance owed.

5.Next Pair

For subsequent order after the completion of your first pair of shoes the price of the last (Aprox 25000Yen) will be deducted.

At the moment it takes about two and a half months to complete the trial pair. After that it takes an approximately a further three month to complete the actual shoes ordered. The whole process from the initial order through to the trial pair and onto completion of the order takes roughly six month in total.

DERBY350,000yen+Tax(inc.shoe tree)
WHOLE CUT※ 2足目以降は320,000yen+Tax
SIDE ERASTIC350,000yen+Tax
INSTEP ERASTIC360,000yen+Tax

DERBY BOOTS400,000yen+Tax
JOD PHER BOOTS480,000yen+Tax
ZIP BOOTS450,000yen+Tax


CAPSPLAIN CAPS + 11,000yen
BROGUE + 17,000yen
BROGUEHALF + 23,000yen
FULL + 26,000yen
U-TIP+ 23,000yen〜
NORWEGIAN+ 28,000yen〜
GOLOSH+ 11,000yen
COLOR LINING+ 8,000yen
SEAT WELT+ 15,000yen


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