What is Bench Work Study?

English people believe in the virtue of simplicity. In the past English people wore the same shoes for 30 years. They would have them repaired again and again. Even after their shoees are covered with patches. Their shoes have been rubbed in shoe polish time and again after a while well polished shoes glow dimly. These old well-worn shoes have a charming effect to me.

We cannot see such beautiful shoes any more. These day's they are made in large quanities and consumed in larger quantities they have become just another consumer article. We have lost a great amount of skill in shoe making when we can no longer keep on wearing our shoes for 30 years.

Now we do everything with computers and machines.But I make my shoes by hand using nails and black wax which gets into the grains of my skin and makes it dirty, I suffer from an aching back and aching shoulders, I drive in a nails, skive leather with a sharp knife, twist thread and make shoes all bv hand. It might be that I'm swimming against the current to do such work even though it might not pay. But I would like to try to use the skills of Hand-sewn welted shoes and I would like to make shoes that are still wearable after 30 years. Moreover I would like to make possible I have evolved my skills through continuous research and study everyday in the art of hand-sewn welted shoe making.


Place : Bench Work Study (MAP)
Class hours: WEDNESDAY 11:00~14:00 / 15:00~18:00
Friday 11:00‒14:00 / 15:00‒18:00 / 19:00‒22:00
Saturday 10:00‒13:00 / 14:00‒17:00
Admission Fee: 32,400yen(inc TAX)
Monthly Fee: 4weeks fee 17,300yen(inc TAX)
※Please pay the fee for the tools and material costs at the start of the day.
Tools: 13,800yen(inc TAX)
Material costs: 9,550yen(inc TAX)
Upper: The first pair of uppers will be charged at 26,000yen (inc TAX) This includes the charge for the rental of a pair of lasts. When you finished making one pair of shoes, please return the shoe’s lasts. It is possible however to buy up the shoe’s lasts.

Vacant Seat

FRIDAY 11:00‒14:00SATURDAY 10:00‒13:00
FRIDAY 15:00‒18:00SATURDAY 14:00‒17:00
FRIDAY 19:00‒22:00

WEDNESDAY 11:00‒14:00WEDNESDAY 15:00‒18:00

○…vacant seat、△…A few vacant seat、×…On a waiting list

Short Concentration Term Lecture

I accept a foreigner student. I have special class for them. If you can speak in English, I will teach in English. You can start anytime! First I will take your feet measurement on Friday. And then I will make your Last and prepare until Tuesday.

Hours: Tue 11:00 – 17:00
Wed 11:00 – 17:00
Thu 11:00 – 17:00
Fri 11:00 – 18:00
Sat 10:00 – 17:00
Place : Bench Work Study (Seijōgakuen-Mae) (MAP)
Admission Fee: 40,000yen (inc TAX) (One week)
*Please pay the fee for the tools and material costs at the start of the day.
Basic beginner tools set: 13,800yen (inc TAX)
Material costs: 21,000yen (inc TAX)
Last (for your size): 35,000yen (inc TAX)

Almost beginners will take 5weeks to finish in the average. But it depends on the person's skill. And it is Bottom making course. (I will be prepared upper "simple derby style" & last)

If you want making design — Plus 1day
Pattern cutting — Plus 3days
Closing — Plus 3days

the Introductory meeting

The introductory meeting starts at 13:15 every Saturday. (It is also possible for applicants to visit the classroom for approximately 15 minutes on Saturdays from 14:00). Please inform me of your attendance at the introductory meeting by E-mail or FAX at the latest by the day before the meeting is held. During the introductory meeting I will explain the lesson format and schedule, as well as the functioning and layout of the Classroom.
If you haven't got a pair of shoe lasts, I will take your foot measurements at the introductory meeting. You will also be required to decide on a design for the shoes you will be making. Please bring socks to wear during the measuring for your last with you.
Applicants are required to pay the enrollment fee, shoe uppers and tool costs on the day of introductory meeting. The enrollment fee and shoe uppers charge cannot be returned in the case of cancellation on the part of the applicant.
Please pay the fee for the tools and material costs at the start of the day.


Applicants of workshop are fill in this form or send me E-mail or fax, please.

[ Bench Work Study Applications ]







Participation: ・the Introductory meeting ・work shop

Participation day to visit:

Participation class:
・WEDNESDAY Morning (11:00〜14:00) /・WEDNESDAY Afternoon (15:00〜18:00)
・FRIDAY Morning (11:00〜14:00) /・FRIDAY Afternoon (15:00〜18:00)
・FRIDAY Evening (19:00〜22:00)
・SATURDAY Morning (10:00〜13:00) /・SATURDAY Afternoon (14:00〜17:00)

・I have a experience of making shoes
・I have not a experience of making shoes

▷If you have a experience of shoe making , where did you learn?

▷Do you need a pair of last and upper of shoes?

▷If you have a some question ,Please write down.

▶ For E-mail:Please you fill in this form and send this address: benchworkstudy@yahoo.co.jp
▶ For Fax:please down road PDF and fill in the form to send this
Fax NO.TOKYO :03-3484-6133

If you can't open this PDF, please use this ADOBE READER.

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